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Ophthalmologic Pathology

The Ophthalmic Section of the Washington University Pathology Services interprets ocular biopsies from patients at Washington Universtiy/Barnes Hospital and the surrounding community, as well as from other institutions.  Ophthalmic Pathology is a highly specialized field, with only about 50 eye pathologists nation-wide, and accordingly multiple institutions and private practice physicians utilize our services.  Our experts provide pathologic interpretation of specimens from all  parts of the eye, including ocular surface tumors; corneas from patients undergoing corneal transplants; and whole eyes with tumors or other blinding eye diseases such as severe trauma, end-stage diabetic disease, and glaucoma.  Special analysis is utilized when needed, including immunohistochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, and molecular genetic testing.  Additionally, for vitreous biopsies performed for suspected intraocular lymphoma, our experts in conjunction with the Cytology Section have developed a thorough protocol to maximize diagnostic accuracy, which includes cytology, immunohistochemistry, cytokine testing, molecular genetic testing for gene rearrangement, and flow cytometry.

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